Buying property in Spain after Brexit

Considering buying a property in Spain after Brexit?  This year is a great opportunity for UK buyers wanting to move to Spain. Many have dreamed of a new life in Spain and have concerns over the changes due to Brexit. The good news is nothing changes for those who can move in 2020. If you are resident in Spain before 31st December 2020 nothing changes.
UK citizens registered as resident in Spain before the 31st December 2020 will keep all EU membership benefits.
In this article we cover some of the key issues of buying and living in Spain during and after Brexit. Including the differences before and after the transition period. We also cover the differences for those wanting to buy a holiday home and those wishing to live in Spain.
off plan property marbella

Moving to Spain and Brexit

For those wanting to make a permanent move to Spain 2020 is a superb opportunity. This is the same if you are moving to retire or to start a new life here in the sun. You can make the move and keep all the current EU membership benefits. Registering as a Spanish resident by the end of 2020 is key for work, health care and pensions.
The rules for those making a permanent move to Spain after this date are currently unclear.

Buying a holiday property in Spain and Brexit

The good news is that there Brexit makes is difference for buyers looking to buy a holiday home in Spain. Only those wishing to move full time will be subject to new rules, if they move after the end of 2020.
UK buyers will still be able to buy Spanish property after Brexit. The transition period has no affect, buyers will be able to buy after 2020. Spanish property ownership is under Spanish control and not the European Union.
After Brexit buyers of holiday homes will still be able to rent their properties out as they can now.

Key things about the Brexit transition period

The agreed Brexit transition period runs from 1st February until 31st December 2020. During this period current EU rules will continue to apply /no changes. So if you move to live in Spain before the end of 2020 you will keep all your rights. This include rights to live here, healthcare and pensions.

Access to Spanish health services after Brexit for residents

Residents will continue to enjoy the use of reciprocal healthcare arrangements. Both during and after the Brexit transition period. Those resident before the 31st December 2020 will receive ‘life-long healthcare rights’. This is available as long as they remain resident.

Access to Spanish health services after Brexit for holiday home owners

Here the rules differ for permanent residents and holiday home buyers. During the transition period there is no changes for UK visitors. They will still be able to use their EHIC card. They can have free health care under the current EU reciprocal healthcare arrangements.
After the end of the transition period it is unclear if the EHIC will continue to operate. If not holiday home owners will need to make their own travel health arrangements. For example healthcare travel insurance.

Right to visit and stay in Spain after Brexit

For those wishing to move to Spain it will be much easier to do this before the end of the transition period. As stated above those registered as resident before the end of 2020 will keep all current EU rights. The EU member rights to live, work and/or study in Spain.
After Brexit, UK visitors should have similar rights to other non-EU visitors. Including the rights to visit and stay in Spain. Most non-EU citizens can visit Spain without needing a visa and stay for up to 90 days in every 180 days. Allowing you to visit Spain after Brexit for about half a year each year.
After the transition period UK citizens may need a visa to stay in Spain for periods over half a year.

UK Pensions in Spain following Brexit

Retired people can receive their pensions in Spain. Before or after the Brexit transition period. You may also be able to claim certain Spanish benefits if you qualify. This will depend whether you move before of after the transition period.
If you are resident in Spain before 31 December 2020 you will continue to receive your pension in Spain. It will also be up-rated every year. The same as it would be in the UK. That applies even if you retire after Brexit. You will also be able to continue to pay contributions into your pension.
If you move to Spain after the transition period you will still receive your UK pension in Spain. It is unclear if it will be up-rated each year. The latest words from the UK government state: “the rules on entitlement to UK benefits in these countries will depend on the outcome of negotiations with the EU and may change.”

UK Drivers in Spain after Brexit

UK citizens living in Spain should change their UK driving licences for a Spanish permit. This is simple and you can do this up until the end of the transition period.
After the transition period things are currently less clear. British visitors may need an international driving permit (IDP) to drive in Spain. These are available at any British Post Office over the counter.

Buying a property in Spain after Brexit – Summary

If you are buying a holiday home – There is no problem. Unless you plan to live in Spain more than 180 days per year nothing will change post Brexit.
I’m moving to Spain before 31st December 2020 – Again no problem. Nothing will change. Providing you register as a resident you will keep full EU membership benefits.
I’m moving to Spain after 31 December 2020 –You may need a visa. Currently a ‘temporary residence (non-lucrative)’ visa allows you live in Spain. Providing you have enough funds. This level is currently set at €8,000 per person per year. You will also need to show you have full private health cover. If you wish to work in Spain you can currently work under the ‘temporary residence (lucrative)’ visa. You can also be self employed under this visa. You must earn at least the minimum wage equivalent which is currently around €600-800 a month.
Villa for sale in La Zagaleta
For those buying a property worth over €500,000 after Brexit. You may qualify for a Spanish golden visa. This gives you and your family fast-track residency, renewable for five years.
Contact Luxury Villas sales on (+34) 952 77 44 33 and let us help you with all of your Spanish property questions.

New Properties in Cabopino

This is a great opportunity to buy one of these 25 new properties in Cabopino.


Cabopino marina

A location known as the best kept secret on the Costa del Sol.  Cabopino is a beautiful area located on the eastern edge of the municipality of Marbella.  Retaining a small village feel it has all you need:

  • A charming little marina surrounded by great restaurants
  • Beautiful fine sandy blue flag beaches with protected natural sand dunes
  • Several kilometers of great boardwalks through the dunes to the beaches
  • A challenging and picturesque 18 hole golf course and driving range
  • Easy access to the main road network and a 35 minute drive to Malaga international airport
  • Approximately 15 minute drive to Marbella old town and 25 minutes to Puerto Banus

New Cabopino Properties

New Cabopino properties

These 25 new Cabopino homes are front line golf with superb sea views.

Buyers have a choice of 1, 3 and 4 bedroom homes.  All the homes feature modern open plan designs.  Floor to ceiling glazing to make the most of the spectacular views.

Cabopino new apartments

Each apartment has its own private pool.  There is also a larger communal infinity pool with great golf and sea views.

The modern designer kitchens come with high quality NEFF appliances.

Quality runs throughout with Porcelanosa flooring and bathrooms

Buyers can design their kitchen according to their specific tastes.

Each property has an innovative low maintenance energy efficient Aerothermics system. This uses thermal energy from the air to feed the cooling system in the summer and heating in the winter months.

Arrange to view these Cabopino properties

These properties are ideal for those looking to enjoy the Mediterranean outdoor lifestyle.  Cabopino is one of the most sought after areas on the Costa del Sol.  An area famous for

  • its great golf course
  • superb restaurants
  • beautiful little marina
  • some of the finest beaches on the Costa del Sol.

Contact Luxury Villa Sales on (+34) 952 77 44 33 to arrange a viewing.

Of for take a look here for some new Estepona beach front properties.

Marbella Off Plan Property

off plan property marbella

In this article we explain a little more about buying off plan Marbella property. We explain how your protection if anything goes wrong. Off Plan properties are new build Spanish properties.  Purchased direct from the developer, often before building.

This article explains how to mitigate risks and what happens if things go wrong. For example your protection if

  • the developers go out of business
  • the property is not built to the design or standards promised
  • the project runs late.

buying off plan in marbella

Here is a brief summary on the advantages and disadvantages to buying off plan property.

Some of the Pro’s:

  • They will have modern designs and interiors.
  • New properties have the latest building standards.
  • They are often much more energy efficient.
  • They will feature the latest technology.
  • They should come with a 10 year builder’s guarantee.
  • Developers are always trying to upstage each other. Offering more and more standard luxury items.  For example communal spas in apartment complexes and Jacuzzi’s and elevators in villas.

Some possible con’s:

  • You will have to wait until completion to move in
  • Many of the prime locations have long gone. Newer developments are generally not in the most prime locations
  • There are more perceived risks involved

Marbella Off Plan is nothing new

Tens of thousands of apartments and villas have purchased off plan in the Marbella area in the past. This is nothing new and almost every buyer will have had the same concerns as you may have. The legal system is very well developed for this market. The process works very well and buyers are well protected if things go wrong.

Mitigating the risk of buying off plan in Marbella

Taking the right steps will protect all your funds if you do not get the promised property.

Employing a good solicitor (abogado) on your side will mitigate your risks. Your solicitor will do most of the below work.

Does the developer own the land?

Your solicitor will check the Spanish Land Register to be sure the developer owns the land.

You should receive a copy of the cadastral certificate. This shows the exact development land sizes as well as your personal property sizes.

You should visit the development to ensure you are happy with things like:

  • the location
  • views
  • orientation
  • surrounding properties
  • noise
  • lighting

Does the developer have planning permission in place?

Your solicitor should ensure this is in place before you make any payments. Without planning permission the Bank Guarantees (see below) are not valid.

You can also check this at the Spanish Land Registry. A description of the project in the registrar is evidence that the licence exists.

Is a railway line about to cross your Marbella plot?

Your solicitor should also check the planning certificate for the plot. This is available from the town planning (Urbanismo) department. They should let you know about any relevant information. For example:

  • any building restrictions on the plot
  • if it is in a green zone
  • any public footpaths across the land
  • any current plans to build a railway for example

Is your Marbella off plan property money safe?

It is vital to have a bank guarantee (aval bancario) in place to cover all the payments you make. It is a legal obligation that all off plan developers secure all deposits with a bank guarantee.

Your solicitor should ensure that your bank guarantee is an individual guarantee. Not a collective guarantee covering the whole development. Collective Guarantees do not give the same levels of protection.

You should get proof that your payments are being deposited into an escrow account. Funds from these accounts are only for the construction of the specified development.

Is your developer registered with the Mercantile Registry?

Your solicitor should ensure the developer has a valid Mercantile Registry registration. They should also ensure the person who is going to sign on the developer’s behalf can legally do so.

You can check this at any Mercantile Registry office. Or online using the Land Registry website.

Does your developer have the right insurances?

Your solicitor should ensure that the developer has suitable insurance in place. Including the 10 year building insurance (seguro decenal). This covers damage caused by structural defects to the building for 10 years. Details of this insurance should be in the property manual (libro del edificio). Supplied to you by the developer.

Taking possession of your Marbella off plan property

You will get a certificate of final works (certificado final de obra) when your property is ready. You must have this before you sign the title deed. You can check this at the Land Registry. This is your proof from the seller that the construction is complete.

You must also have a licence of first occupancy (licencia de primera occupación). The town hall issues this for all new buildings. It certifies that the property is habitable. Without this document you cannot get an electricity and water connection. The developers should not try and force you to complete without this licence.

Do I need a survey?

You should consider getting a chartered surveyor to check the property. This is not obligatory. It is wise to get a professional opinion on the property before you complete. The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) exists in Spain. They offer independent and impartial advice.

The Spanish College of Architects also has a list of independent specialist surveyors.

What if thing go wrong?

If things go wrong, which is very rare these days, you can:

  • cancel the contract and have the deposits returned plus interest
  • extend the deadline, allowing the developer to complete the property

if any of the below circumstances occur:

  • the developer does not build your property by the deadline in the contract
  • or services and utilities are not completed and connected to standard
  • the licence of first occupancy is not possible.

If you decide you wish to cancel the contract you should get independent legal advice.

You, or your solicitor, should write to the developer. Explain you wish to cancel the contract due to non-compliance with the contract. You should request the return of all deposits paid as well as any interest accrued.

Include all relevant documents including:

  • a copy of the contract
  • copies of all payments made
  • copy of the bank guarantee

Specify a reasonable date by which you expect the amounts to be repaid. Write to the developer using Burofax, so you can get proof of delivery.

If you receive no response from the developer within the specified timeframe. Contact the claims department of the bank requesting a refund of all the payments made.

Again, you should use Burofax. Include copies of all the relevant documents above. Include the complaint submitted to the developer. Also include copies of any responses received from the developer.

If the bank does not comply you will need to instruct a lawyer to take a civil case against the bank.

Moving into your off plan Marbella property

The above can sound negative – it is an article showing how you are always covered in the event that things don’t go well.

Tens of thousands of buyers have purchased great properties off plan here in the past and continue to do so. The system is well tested and provides proven buyer protection.

We have some spectacular new developments for sale at the moment. Take a look at these two great beachside developments in Estepona. Or this superb hill side development in Ojen.

If you would like to discuss any of the items in this article please contact Luxury Villa Sales on (+34) 952 77 44 33.

E&EO – Errors and omissions excepted.  The above information is felt to be accurate at the time of writing.  You should seek expert legal advice from a suitably qualified solicitor at the time of your purchase.

Estepona beach side property

Marbella area property
For those looking for a dream Estepona beach side property we have two great options for you. Both new developments offering buyers the opportunity to own a home right on the beach.
The first is a development of new townhouses located 5 minutes walk from Estepona marina. This development is complete and the properties are ready to move into now. There are very few remaining properties here so act fast!
The second is a brand new development of 38 homes which has recently commenced building. Buyers can select and customise their ideal home. Completion will be due within 30 months. Buyers have a choice of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, town houses and villas. 

Where is Estepona?

Estepona is a fast up and coming destination. It is a 33km (20 mile) 30 minute drive west of Marbella. The town has an old Spanish charm with a lovely well preserved old town. There is a very popular promenade running the length of the the beach.
It is about an hours drive from Malaga airport and about 45 minutes from Gibraltar airport.

Estepona beach side townhouses

There are only 3 townhouses left in this popular beach side Estepona development of 50 properties. These 3 bedroom homes come ready to move into, some are even furnished ready. Located right on the beach. The homes are a short 5 minute walk from Estepona marina, with its many nice bars and restaurants.
These three remaining properties have large basements and great sea views.
The urbanisation has 24 hour gated security. Residents have a superb mixture of serenity, world class resort facilities and security.
The natural surroundings include the beach, a pine forest and public green areas.
The urbanisation has its own private access to the beach.
Estepona properties
The world class resort type facilities on site include:
  • 24 hour Concierge service
  • Beautiful infinity pool
  • Separate feature 50m Olympic length designer swimming pool
  • Children’s pool
  • Indoor pool
  • Sauna
  • Hamman
Owners can make income from renting their properties using the concierge services.
Estepona beach side property
A great opportunity to buy a new, ready to move into, home in one of the most exclusive parts of Estepona. 

Estepona beach side properties

Our second selection of Estepona beach side property on offer is a development of 38 new homes. This development has recently started construction. Buyers can choose their preferred location, property type and certain interior features.
Estepona beach side property
The development has 24 apartments, 6 penthouses, 6 townhouses and 2 villas.
These properties are almost mid way between Estepona and Marbella’s famous Puerto Banus marina.
These properties have modern designs with heavy use of floor to ceiling glazing. Ensuring lots of internal light and superb sea views.
Owners have access to a host of on site resort type facilities. These include:
  • 24 hour gated security
  • Tennis court
  • Paddle tennis court
  • Jacuzzi
  • Gymnasium
  • Barbeque area
The villas and townhouses have private beach view pools within their private gardens.
The 24 2 and 3 bedroom apartments have large south facing sunny sea view terraces. The ground floor apartments have large private gardens and optional private pools.
There is a superb communal heated infinity pool. This has spectacular sea views, with an adjoining kid’s pool and nearby open air Jacuzzi.
Estepona beach side pool
The 6 duplex 3 bedroom penthouse apartments have spectacular sea views. There is an option of adding a rooftop pool.
The 6 3 bedroom townhouses feature private south facing gardens with private pools.
The 2 luxurious 4 bedroom villas have large private gardens. These have private pools, hot tub and direct beach access.
A superb opportunity a buy a beach side property located 10 minutes drive from Puerto Banus. Choose your desired type and customise it to your individual tastes.

Contact Luxury Villa Sales

Contact Marbella LVS on +34 952 77 44 33 to arrange a viewing. We can take you to see either, or both, of these great Estepona beach side property options.
Look here for cheaper Estepona properties 5 minutes inland.  Use this link to take a look at all our superb Estepona properties options.

New properties in Atalaya

Properties in Atalaya

Luxury Villa Sales feel these 50 brand new properties in Atalaya offer unbeatable value for money.  Starting from just €370,000 there is nothing of a similar size and quality in this area.

Superbly Quality Atalaya Villas

This is a new superbly located development of 50 semi-detached west facing villas.  They are built in lovely landscaped gardens using high quality materials.

All of these Atalaya homes benefit from spectacular panoramic mountain and/or sea views.  Buyers have a choice of 5 styles and can customise their properties.  They can choose features like private swimming pools in some cases.  They also have a choice of bathrooms and even the number of bedrooms.

Each property type enjoys superb outdoor areas in which you can make the most of the all year round warm Mediterranean climate.  Depending on the property type chosen you will have access to a mixture of sunny and shaded terraces, private gardens and spectacular roof top solariums.

With beautiful modern Mediterranean inspired designs and lots of floor to ceiling glazing these properties feel very bright and spacious.

Atalaya properties with Italian kitchens

Underfloor heating, Gunni and Trentino bathrooms and high quality Italian kitchens will be fitted to each property.

There is a lovely communal swimming pool with a spectacular feature waterfall.  The children’s pool has a child safe sloping beach type access.

Where is Atalaya?

Atalaya is located on the border of Benahavis and Estepona municipalities.  It is about 8 km (5 miles) west of Puerto Banus.  Just about 3 km (2 miles) from the beaches.  It is therefore just a short scenic drive to the beaches, Puerto Banus, San Pedro, Estepona and Marbella.

There are numerous shops, bars and restaurants nearby.  In addition to superb international schools and sports centres.  For golfers these properties are ideally located close to Atalaya Golf and Country Club, El Paraiso Golf and El Campanario Golf.

Contact Luxury Villa Sales

Please contact Luxury Villa Sales (+34 952 77 44 33) to arrange to view these superbly priced semi detached villas in Atalaya.

Luxury Villa Sales always have many other Luxury Benahavis properties on offer like this amazing reduced price villa in La Zagaleta.

New villas in La Cancelada

New villas in la Cancelada

Just 7 New Contemporary Villas in a great location

For those looking for a new villa in the Marbella area we can highly recommend this small select development of just 7 brand new villas in La Cancelada.  These villas offer a great combination of good location, panoramic sea views, generous built sizes, high quality finishes, spectacular modern designs and very competitive prices.

La Cancelada property

La Cancelada – Mid-way between Marbella and Estepona

La Cancelada is located mid-way between Marbella and Estepona.  It is just a 15 minute drive east along the coast to the famous resort of Marbella.  The glamorous Puerto Banus marina is even closer.

Puerto Banus

Estepona is just a 15 minute coastal drive to the west.  This is a very popular up and coming destination with a romantic traditional Spanish feel and it’s own marina and beaches.

La Cancelada is a very sought after location at the moment.  Many new luxury properties being built here at the moment.  The nearest beaches from these villas are just a 5 minute drive away.

About these La Cancelada Villas

Each of these 7 contemporary south facing new La Cancelada villas has great sea views.  They are designed with large windows ensuring a bright and airy feel throughout.

New villas in la Cancelada

The modern open plan designs provide owners with a fully integrated dining room and kitchen, leading directly out to the terraces and pool areas.

Top quality materials and bright modern interior designs have been used on all of the properties.

Outside the south facing gardens and pools have a good mix of sunny and shaded terrace areas.  Allowing owners and their guests to maximise their enjoyment of the superb southern Mediterranean climate.

La cancelada property

Additionally each villa has its own private roof terrace with spectacular 360 degree  panoramic mountain and sea views.  The perfect location to place a Jacuzzi, chill-out area and barbecue.

The en-suite master bedrooms are equipped with spacious storage areas and private sea view terraces.  The other bedrooms are also all en-suite with access to terraces.

La Cancelada Villas Contacts

We feel these La Cancelada properties, due for completion in Summer 2020, are an exciting opportunity and offer great value.  Please contact Marbella LVS to arrange a viewing or call us on (+34) 952 77 44 33.

For those looking for something different in this area –  Read more about this unique old La Cancelada Cortijo development, a substantial 536m2 property on an 8,610 m2 plot.

New development in Ojen

New development Ojen

Following on from our last post on the spectacular new resort in La Quinta, highlighting the most exciting new developments in the Marbella area at the moment, we are pleased to present this equally exciting new development in Ojen, set in the mountains overlooking Marbella.

New development in Ojen’s location

This new development in Ojen is set in a location of natural beauty, within the beautiful Andalusian countryside.  Yet it is just a 5 minute drive to Marbella.  This brand new exclusive luxury resort benefits from spectacular views over the Mediterranean Sea and on to the north coast of Africa.

Mediterranean Lifestyle – Quality of Life

This development of luxury Ojen apartments has been designed, and is being built, with quality of life as they key driver.  Owners and their guests can make the most of the superb Marbella climate with beautiful horse, riding, cycling and hiking trails available directly from their homes.  This is in addition to the onsite health club and spa, private and communal pools, restaurant and bar.

Or simply stay home and enjoy the spectacular views from your private terraces.

The impressive gate house offers much more than a simple 24 hour security service.  It is home to a concierge service, shop, bike storage area, kids club, postal services and a rental management service for those wanting to make an income from their property investment.

Palo Alto Ojen

The onsite private health club is home to an indoor pool, tennis courts, state-of-the-art gymnasium and a fully equipped fitness studio, spa and Hamman.  The rooftop restaurant has panoramic views.  A great place to relax with friends.

The onsite Social Club is home to a lively terrace bar and restaurant. For those who need to work there is a superbly equipped shared working space which is open to all residents.

The onsite farmer’s market offers residents fresh local produce, making grocery shopping a convenient pleasure.

For those who love horses, this area of natural Andalucian beauty is the perfect place to ride.   There is an onsite modern equestrian centre with stabling and pasture land.

Your apartment in Ojen will immediately become your very own retreat.  The development is blended seamlessly into the lush beautiful natural countryside, surrounded by the mountains of the Sierra de las Nieves national park.

Ojen Resort

The resort consists of four main areas, all named after the natural fauna found in the area – Los Almendros, Las Jacarandas, Los Pinsapos and Los Eucaliptos.  All residents, irrespective of their choice of area, will have full access to the main luxury resort facilities on site.

VillarroelTorrico, an architect renowned for their excellence and aesthetic perfection were chosen for this development.  VillarroelTorrico have designed this resort matching residents needs and desires to the striking natural beauty of the location in Sierra de las Nieves hills.  Each property has ample outdoor terrace space and privacy, with sea views and generous interior space.


Los Pinsapos is an exclusive development of only 20 beautifully apartments.  These are located on an elevated plateau with the most spectacular panoramic sea views.  Renowned interior designer Pedro Peña offers the finishes, which can be customised to the buyers preferences.  Each apartment has a spacious open-plan interior, large terrace, solarium and tropical private garden.  Los Pinsapos has its own private outdoor infinity pool, gymnasium, spa, Hamman and sauna.


There are just 36 2 and 3 bedroom apartments within this area.  With the perfect Southwest orientation, these apartments benefit from spectacular sunset views over Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea to Africa.  Los Eucaliptos has its own a private tennis court, swimming pool and rooftop area.


Las Jacaradas is a development of 60 2, 3 and 4 bedroom contemporary apartments, located at the north of the resort.  Located within six low rise buildings, all of the apartments have stunning views.  With finishes by the famous interior designer Eric Kuster, the interiors can be customised to the new owner’s personal tastes.  Las Jacarandas has two private outdoor pools, a children’s play area and landscaped gardens.


Los Almendros is a beautiful development of 90 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.  These modern apartments have high quality Gunni & Trentino finishes, which can be customisable by the purchaser, based on a hand-selected range of tiles and flooring.  With spectacular sea and mountain views, Los Almendros has two private outdoor swimming pools and a children’s play area.

Viewing this new development in Ojen

This is a superb new resort.  We would recommend any buyers looking to a new apartment in the Marbella area come with us and visit this resort, along with the other luxury resort in La Quinta to see which meets their needs best.  Two superb and truly exciting standard setting new Marbella developments.  Cal Marbella LVS on +34 952 77 44 33 to arrange a viewing.

La Quinta apartments in a spectacular resort

For those looking to buy a dream property here in the Marbella area we highly recommend that you come and take a look at these spectacular La Quinta Apartments located within this outstanding  La Quinta resort.

We have a good knowledge of all of the new developments taking place here on the Costa del Sol, approximately 300 at the time of writing.  We are hence well qualified to state this spectacular development is one of the most exciting new projects being built here at the moment.

An outstanding luxury resort built on a superbly located plot with a unique and very comprehensive range of onsite facilities which include:

  • The Lagoon – The heart of the resort, designed for leisure, socialising, and enjoying the superb year round Marbella climate.
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle-boarding
  • Tennis
  • Padel Tennis
  • Cycling
  • 5 star hotel
  • Wellness Centre / Spa
  • Equestrian Centre – Ride out into the neighbouring UNESCO natural park
  • Golf
  • Restaurant
  • Boutique Shopping Centre
  • Orchards

These superb modern 2 and 3 bedroom apartments are located around the lake side golf course and spectacular central lagoon with its golden sandy beaches.

la quinta apartments

The resort is set within a range of glorious Mediterranean tropical gardens, landscaped by the best horticultural designers, with billowing tropical palms and plants.  Numerous water features and shaded areas offer an abundance of beautiful spaces to stroll and relax.  Additionally there is the on site 5 Star luxury hotel with its wellness centre, spa and gymnasium.

The land on which these impressive new 2 and 3 bedroom La Quinta apartments are being built offers spectacular views out over 3 countries, 2 continents and the Mediterranean Sea, not to mention the onsite beauty of the lagoon, lakeside golf course and the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains.

This private gated residential resort comes with all of the luxurious benefits you would expect to find in the very best global vacation clubs.  Truly superb properties with something for all tastes.

La Quinta is a great location, just a 5 to 20 minute drive from Marbella Old Town centre, glamorous Porto Banus, the Marbella Golden Mile and the Costa de Sol beaches.

The community is accessed via a private driveway leading from the famous 5 star La Quinta Golf and Westin Hotel.

Buyers have a choice of 2 and 3 bedroom open plan apartments designed to maximise the abundant light and space inside.  Floor to ceiling glazed areas make the most of the spectacular views.  These views include Marbella’s famous La Concha Mountain, the very exclusive residential resort of La Zagaleta Country Club and out over the Mediterranean Sea to the Rock of Gibraltar and the North African coast.

To ensure a feeling of space and privacy the properties are distributed in 12 standalone low level apartment buildings with generous space between each.

This resort is proud of its natural setting and sustainability and respect for the environment are key design concepts. This is the first project in Spain to receive an infrastructure planning certificate issued by BREEAM, the world’s leading organization for sustainability valuation.  BREEAM, present in more than 70 countries, is a global standard for assessing building projects in terms of their ecological and social responsibility.

The project is being provided by a very well established and reputable company with over 30 years’ experience in this market.  They have truly made the most of incorporating a superb sustainable design onto a beautiful piece of well-located natural land.

These La Quinta apartments provide the very best in lifestyle for owners and their invited guests.  They need to be seen to be believed – contact Marbella LVS today (+34 952 77 44 33) to arrange a viewing.

Marbella Golden Mile Paseo Maritimo

The coastal walkway along the Marbella Golden Mile is one of the greatest pleasures of living in Marbella, especially in the winter months.

The Paseo Maritmo

This beautiful beach side walk is called the ‘Paseo Maritimo’.  It links the beautiful old town centre of Marbella with the glamorous yachting marina of Puerto Banus.  A great place to enjoy warm sunny winter walks, rollerblading, cycling, dining, etc.

A delight which anyone living in the more Northern parts of Europe would relish.  Us locals even look forward to the winter to enjoy this great facility!    Remember also the earliest it gets dark here in Marbella is around 6 pm in the midst of winter.

Marbella Old Town

Starting in Marbella Old Town

A great place to start or end your walk is the charming old town centre of Marbella.  A stunning place with its narrow white washed streets, boutique shops, historic buildings, pretty little squares and tapas bars.

From here you can walk through the Alameda Park with its lush gardens and palm trees.  Then down the Avenida del Mar with its many superb sculptures to the Mediterranean.  This is the eastern end of the Marbella Paseo Maritimo.  Here you start your walk with the glistening sea to your left and a plethora of great restaurants, bars and shops to your right.

A great place to stroll, stopping as and when desired to enjoy beach side food and drinks.  After a few kilometres the shops stop and they are replaced by the fine Marbella Golden Mile properties to your right.  The Marbella Golden mile is possibly the most sought after location for luxury homes in the area.

Marbella Golden Mile Paseo Maritimo

The famous 5 star resort hotels of the Marbella Club and Puente Romano, with its short pier, are to the right at about the half way point of the walk.

Several famous beach side restaurants such as El Trocadero and Victor’s Beach, one of the longest established restaurants in Marbella, are great places to stop and eat.

Finishing in Puerto Banus

At the other end of the walk you reach the glamorous Puerto Banus marina.  Famous for its many boutique designer brand shops, fine dining restaurants, super cars and super yachts.  A superb place to sit and observe the world going by!

Marbella Golden Mile - Puerto Banus at the end of the Paseo Maritimo

Fly Blue provide a regular ferry service, which runs most of the year, linking Puerto Banus and the Sports Marina of Marbella.  A great way of getting back to your start point.  It costs about €8.50 one way at the time of writing.

How long is the Marbella Golden Mile Walk?

According to Google Maps the distance from the Sports Port in the centre of Marbella to Puerto Banus is 7.1km (4.4 miles) and takes 1 hour and 26 minutes.

Enjoy the walk and then find you dream Spanish property on the Marbella Golden Mile!

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Nueva Andalucia 5 bedroom villa

Nueva Andalucia 5 Bedroom Villa

Superb 5 bedroom villa in a great location

This beautiful Nueva Andalucia 5 bedroom villa has just been totally renovated, with a bright modern interior to complement its fusion of modern and traditional Andalucian styled exterior.

The property is located in the very centre of Nueva Andalucia, just a few kilometres and a 5 minute drive from Marbella, and closer still to the famous marina of Puerto Banus

From this home it is a short 2 minutes’ walk to the many great Aloha area shops, bars and restaurants.  The nearby highly acclaimed Aloha International College is also a short walk or drive away.

Totally renovated and ready to move into

On arrival at this property, owners and their guests, pass through beautifully landscaped gardens, even more spectacular at night with modern under lighting featured throughout.  A very old and typically Andalucian olive tree welcomes visitors to the property.

Nueva Andalucia Property Entrance

Once inside the living spaces of this Nueva Andalucia 5 bedroom villa are arranged over 3 levels.

The main living entrance floor is open plan with bright well-lit and interconnected lounge, dining and kitchen areas.

Nueva Andalucia 5 Bedroom Villa Lounge

The principal lounge is a spacious area, with the feeling of space further enhanced with a feature beamed extra height ceiling and floor to ceiling full width glass doors.  These lead out to the outdoor terraces and garden pool area.  A feature dancing flames fire is shared between the lounge and kitchen/dining area.

The modern bright kitchen has an island looking out over the dining area and gardens.  The indoor dining area is connected to the garden pool area with two sets of full height patio doors.  A fully equipped outdoor kitchen area is also available on the main terrace area.

A guest WC and two en suite bedrooms, one with direct access to the pool area, are also located on the main entrance floor.

A spacious lower entertainment floor is home to a large cinema area with bar, and a temperature controlled display wine cellar.  Two further en suite bedrooms are also found on this floor.

Nueva Andalucia 5 Bedroom Villa Cinema

The impressive master suite is found on the upper floor.  With a feature free standing bath, en suite bathroom and private terrace this is a superb area.

Nueva Andalucia 5 Bedroom Villa Master Suite

Outside this Nueva Andalucia 5 bedroom villa there is a beautiful modern white private pool area surrounded by a mixture of sunny and shaded terrace areas.  The property’s landscaped gardens feature numerous mature trees including many palms.

Evenings and nights at this home are made more spectacular with the landscape lighting which is fitted throughout the terrace and garden areas.  There are 2 part covered private car standing spaces at the front of the property.

The property is fully equipped with a great range of elegant designer furniture which can be included within the sales for an additional €200,000.

This is a truly beautiful totally renovated 5 bedroom Nueva Andalucia home, a great location ready to move into immediately.  Contact Luxury Villa Sales today on (+34) 952 77 44 33 to arrange a viewing or take a look at all of our Nueva Andalucia properties here.

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