Merry Christmas from Marbella 😎☀🌅

The magic year of 2020 is almost over already. Time to wish you all a Merry Christmas from Marbella.  What a year it has been…  As I sit here and think of you. Wondering what the year has been like for you, I want to share some of our experiences of 2020.

The Spanish Property Market in 2020

Spain was one of the worst affected countries by the initial Covid 19 outbreak. We had a very strict and well managed lock down.  This was very effective.  As a result, since May, life here in Marbella quickly returned to the new normal.  Shops, bars and restaurants have been open every day.  Locals and visitors have been enjoying the sunny outdoor lifestyle.

The lack of tourists near our Marbella Golden Mile offices made us think that our business would suffer.  We thought that our customers may have lost interest in buying homes in Marbella.  In reality we have never experienced such a high level of interest in Marbella property. 2020 has been a great year for Marbella home sales. 

We have received high levels of interest from all over the world.  People asking about the real estate market in Marbella.  And not only asking about property. They have also been asking about the Marbella lifestyle and business opportunities. 

During the lock down many people were confined in their cold home environments.  Considering a major lifestyle enhancement.  The year 2020 has given many people time to think through what they really want in their lives.  Many realising now is the time to make their dream of a Marbella home come true. 

The whole LVS team is ready to help you answer any questions that you may have about Marbella. We are all very blessed to live here and we would love to share our experience with you. It will be our greatest honor to welcome you to Marbella. To help YOU find your dream home here. 

Merry Christmas from Marbella

With that, my colleagues and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas from Marbella, and a Happy New Year.

Marbella Luxury Villa Sales

Marbella Golden Mile

The Golden Mile is where Marbella’s rise to fame as a world famous resort all began. It was here in the 1950’s that Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe chose to build the luxurious Marbella Club Hotel. Marbella Luxury Villa Sales offices are on Boulevard Alfonso Hohenlohe. Right opposite the Marbella Club Hotel.

The party loving Prince had many aristocrat connections. The hotel soon began to attract the rich and famous to the area. Marbella changed from a sleepy fishing village into one of the world’s premier resorts. The Marbella we all know today.

Who named it the Marbella Golden Mile?

But the informal ‘Golden Mile’ name came later. This name originated from the early 1980’s and came from Roy Boston. A famous German singer with hits including España Olé and La Parranda. Roy was by then a property developer.

Where is the Marbella Golden Mile?

The Golden Mile is the narrow strip of land from the west of Marbella Old Town centre to the east of Puerto Banus. It is one of the most exclusive real estate areas in Europe. It is actually about 3 miles or 5 kilometres in length! It begins at Plaza Bocanegra in Marbella and ends at the Río Verde before Puerto Banús.

There are three sub areas.

Golden Mile Beachside – The land which is beach side of the A7 coastal road. Close to the famous Paseo Maritimo beach side walk way. Home to the famous Marbella Club and Puente Romano 5 star hotels. The location for some of the most expensive properties in Europe. Also home to many exclusive developments including Las Canas Beach and Playa Esmeralda.

Golden Mile Mountainside – The area between the A7 coastal road and the newer A7 Marbella by pass. This includes developments like La Trinidad and Las Lomas de Marbella Club.

Golden Mile Sierra – The area from the A7 by pass up to the towering La Concha mountain. This includes the exclusive areas of Sierra Blanca and Cascada de Camojan.

The Golden Mile is home to many of Marbella’s very best cafes, bars, restaurants and shops. These include Trocadero, Villa Tiberio, Sea Grill and The Suite.

Marbella Golden Mile Properties

This is our home. Our offices are at the very heart of the Golden Mile. We have lived in and known this area for over twenty years. So we are proud to be Marbella Golden Mile experts. Here are a few of our Marbella Golden Mile Properties.

Las Lomas del Marbella Club    REF LVSA0982

Triplex Penthouse with sea views in The Golden Mile
4 Bedrooms   4 Bathrooms   525 m2 Built   200 m2 Terrace
800.000 €
View 33 pictures and full details here

 Marbella Golden Mile    REF LVSVM004

Semi-detached villa in Golden Mile
3 Bedrooms   2 Bathrooms   260 m2 Built   48 m2 Terrace
950.000 €
View 38 pictures and full details here

Sierra Blanca    REF LVSV00045

State of the art luxury villa in the prestigious urbanisation of Sierra Blanca, Marbella
4 Bedrooms   2 Bathrooms   384 m2 Built   473 m2 Plot   89 m2 Terrace
1.770.000 €
View 8 pictures and full details here

Terrazas de Puente Romano    REF LVSA0919

Sea Views – Terrazas de Puente Romano Apartment
3 Bedrooms   3 Bathrooms   282 m2 Built   440 m2 Plot   106 m2 Terrace
3.250.000 €
View 22 pictures and full details here

Sierra Blanca    REF LVSV260614

Impressive villa in the exclusive area of Sierra Blanca, Marbella
5 Bedrooms   7 Bathrooms   1.130 m2 Built   2.000 m2 Plot
4.500.000 €
View 15 pictures and full details here

Cascada de Camojan    REF LVSV150025

Cascada de Camojan 227m2 roof terrace with pool
8 Bedrooms   9 Bathrooms   1.100 m2 Built   5.302 m2 Plot   600 m2 Terrace
Available for rent
View 60 pictures and full details here

Beach Side Golden Mile    REF LVSV2101510

Beach Front Mansion, Golden Mile, Marbella
12 Bedrooms   12 Bathrooms   3.900 m2 Built   9.000 m2 Plot   387 m2 Terrace
55.000.000 €
View 12 pictures and full details here


As stated above we are proud to call the Golden Mile our home.  We would be delighted to show you the area.  Please get in touch on (+34) 952 77 44 33 or contact us here.

Marbella Luxury Villa Sales Team

Marbella Property Buyers Guide

Buying a home in Marbella

Marbella Luxury Villa sales have released a new Marbella Property Buyers Guide.

This is a great read for anyone considering buying a home in Marbella.

Free Marbella Property Buyers Guide

This informative free guide tells you more about Marbella. Most buyers tend to already know about the envied Marbella lifestyle. So we do not spend too long selling you the dream!

It is full of helpful information and tips about buying a Marbella home. But it is not only focused on the mechanics of buying a Marbella property. It also explains how Carin made this move. Carin is the head of our marketing team.

Marbella Luxury Villa Sales Meet the Team

Read testimonials from others buyers we have helped to buy Spanish homes.

What’s in our Marbella Property Buyers Guide

The guide explains how we help you find your perfect Marbella property. It tells you how to avoid pitfalls.

Free Marbella Property Buyers Guide

It gives you details of our 5 stage Home For Life buying method.

We tell you how we get to know you and your desires. We explain the Spanish property buying process. There is information on all the relevant taxes and fees. We cover the stages involved.

We explain budgeting. This avoids wasting your time looking at properties outside of the budget.

Then we talk about the exciting part. Start to view properties. Then selecting the property which best meets your desires.

Marbella LVS with you all the way!

Marbella LVS are with you all the way. From your initial thoughts about a Spanish property. We are there offering our considerable local expertise throughout the buying process. We are also here post completion. Offering to help as and when required once you have the keys to your Spanish home.

You can download this guide free of charge within minutes. Use this link to get your copy of our Marbella Property Buyers Guide now.

Marbella Luxury Villa Sales Team

Marbella for Cyclists – Ride Marbella

Let us tell you more about Marbella for cyclists. Great weather, great roads and spectacular scenery for all.  Your level and particular cycling tastes are irrelevant.

There are great facilities for those wanting challenging road rides in the mountains. Plenty high adrenalin downhill mountain bike routes are close by. Those wanting a gentle Sunday ride by the beach with their children are also well served.

I love cycling here in Spain.  I’ve covered over 16,000 kilometres  on two wheels! Including cycling across Spain. Starting from the Atlantic north coast to Marbella here on the south coast.
cycling near marbella

Cycling the Istan Road

If you are a road cyclist this is the most popular route for a quick ride. From Marbella you wind your way up a beautiful mountain road. The glistening waters of Istan Reservoir on one side. The spectacular La Concha mountain on the other side. After about 18 km of climbing you reach the beautiful white washed village of Istan. A great place to stop for a coffee or a meal in the traditional little Spanish square. Then an exhilarating ride back down to Marbella. A magnificent ride with countless curves and drops.

This is very popular route for James, the owner of LVS, and his friends. He would be happy to invite you along, if this is of interest while you are here in Marbella.

Road Cycling from Marbella

The Istan road is great for a quick ride any day of the year but some riders will be seeking more serious routes. Wanting to cover more kilometres. That’s no problem. The area has featured many times in Spain’s famous Vuelta de España race. The Spanish version of the Tour de France.

This area is also a popular winter training destination for professional cycling teams.

So here are a few other great route suggestions, all with spectacular scenery:

Marbella to Mijas ride

Take the back road from Marbella to the pretty whitewashed village of Mijas. Heading north from Marbella you ride past Ojen and Monda, before taking a right to Mijas. This ride is 40 km in each direction.

Marbella to El Chorro ride

For those wanting to push it a little further the ride to El Chorro is magnificent. Head north from Marbella past Ojen and Monda towards Pizzara. Then take the road to Ardales before heading right to El Chorro. Passing the lakes on your left before you drop down into the gorge. You will need to keep stopping to take in the spectacular views. Look up to see the circling vultures above the gorge. Then past Alora back towards Pizarra and back on the same road past Monda and Ojen. This route is about 140 km.

Cycling to Sierra Nevada

Want to do a serious climb? No problem. Put your bike in the car and head up the road two hours to Granada. Or if you prefer ride from Marbella? From here you can do the climb up to the ski resort of Sierra Nevada.

Marbella for Cyclists – Mountain Biking in Marbella

Marbella is also an epic choice of location for mountain biking. For many of the same reasons as for road cycling. The all year round great weather and that all important ingredient – Mountains! Spain is the second most mountainous country in Europe, behind only Switzerland.

From Marbella there are many great trails on and around the La Concha mountain. The landmark which towers over Marbella. For those who love riding fire trails there are some great scenic fire trails. Many going out into the hills behind Istan, a short ride up the road from Marbella. One of these routes takes you to a stunning waterfall and some crystal clear ponds. A great place to enjoy a cooling dip. You can also ride a great trail from Istan around the back of La Concha over to Ojen in the next valley. From Ojen there is another superb fire trail all the way through to Entrerrios near La Cala de Mijas. I rode this trail from Marbella right through to Entrerrios and from memory it was about 70 km each way.

For those wanting more hard core downhill action head to the Sierra de Mijas mountains. These overlook the pretty village of Mijas. Here there are several challenging downhill routes. From nearby Benalmadena you can take a cable car to the top of the mountain. From here you can ride the mountain bike downhill tracks back to the base for another uplift.

Family Cycling in Marbella

Marbella is also a great place for recreational cycling and cycling with your family. One of the most popular routes is the famous Marbella Golden Mile Paseo Maritimo. This is a simple flat beach side ride along the sea front. About 7 km from the old town centre of Marbella to Puerto Banus. With many great restaurants and bars on route.

Marbella for cyclists! – Get on your bike with LVS

If you are looking for a Marbella property and cycling is a key factor let us know your preferences. With three keen cyclist in the team we know Marbella for Cyclists better than any other agents.  We can suggest the best area for you to buy a home where you can cycle straight out from your door.

Come along and cycle up to Istan with us!   Please contact Marbella LVS on +34 952 77 44 33.

Virtual Marbella property viewings

Find your dream Spanish home during lock down

It may be time for some virtual Marbella property viewings.  Are you currently in lock down dreaming of a Marbella area property to help you stay positive. Your mental escape to a sunny climate and barbecues by your pool on warm evenings. Or are you picturing yourself on warm sunny winter walks by the Mediterranean? Or would you prefer sailing and snorkeling? Or sunbathing on your terraces while looking out to sea this November with a glass of fine wine in hand!

Take advantage of the free time you currently have for some virtual Marbella property viewings

Let’s discuss your dream Marbella home and how you can make it happen.

Marbellas Property Virtual ToursWe can´t currently meet in person and whisk you to see your dream home. But we can give you an excellent personal ‘virtual’ Luxury Villa Sales tour experience. Developers are also making it easier for buyers to reserve properties. Agreeing on sales without obligation and adding tempting extras to further improve sales.  We all want to make it easy for you to make your decision during this lockdown period.

Using the latest video conferencing tools like WhatsApp and Zoom we can meet and get to know your needs.  We can discuss these in detail ‘virtually’ face to face. Contributing with our in-depth knowledge of the best properties on sale at the moment. And of course our Marbella area wisdom.

The ideal home for you will depend on your desired lifestyle.

Once we have gotten to know each other well, we can send through some great properties for you to consider. We can then discuss these using video conferencing to explain the pros and cons of each home. Comparing each to your individual property and lifestyle needs.

Virtual Marbella Property Viewings – let’s ‘visit’ you dream Marbella home together*!

Now’s the time for some virtual Marbella property viewings.  Once you have chosen your favorites we’ll carry out personal viewings*. We will record a personal video for you whilst chatting with you.

Take a look at the start of this example video, produced for Steve:

Tell us what you want us to see during the viewing. If you want to:

  • take a look in the wardrobes
  • look at the neighborhood
  • see the size of the garage
  • etc. – ask and we will delve into where you want to go with the video camera.

This will help you in deciding if this property is your dream home or not. Better than a real viewing you will have the videos to compare properties. Review and compare homes as many times as you wish while you consider your choices.

Want a second virtual viewing – No problem*. Let us know and we can go along ‘with you’ again.

Special deals to reserve without risk during the lock down

Ready to make a deal but you’d still like to see and touch the property first? Again no problem. In these unique times vendors are making special provisions for deals. Many new properties are allowing buyers to place refundable deposit. With no questions asked back out options and full refunds whilst we are in the lock down situation.

This is not quite so straight forward with resales properties. This said many owners will be open to us negotiating a similar deal on your behalf.

Contact Luxury Villa Sales

Please contact Luxury Villa Sales on (+34) 952 77 44 33 and we can start to make your sunny Marbella home dream a reality.

* – where possible, legal and without risking the health of others under the current lock down.

Why not enjoy a virtual viewing of your Dream Marbella home?

Here at Luxury Villa Sales we are always making the best use of today’s technology. Virtual Marbella property viewings are allowing us to continue our business.  Selling Marbella’s finest properties.

We are still signing deals during this crisis. Developers are also making it easier for buyers to reserve properties. Agreeing sales without obligation and adding tempting extras to further improve sales.

Post lock down Marbella is coming soon!

Marbella Luxury Villa Sales – We are open.

Luxury Villa Sales are open

Open to help you find your Marbella home

Here at Marbella Luxury Villa Sales we are open for business as usual …. Or ‘Unusual’ I guess!

The physical office is currently closed as Spain pulls together to fight the virus. But we are definitely open for business. We are even signing deals during this difficult time. We are blessed that lots of work can be done online these days. People are taking the opportunity to prepare for the quarantine to be over.

You can contact us any time via phone (+34) 952 77 44 33 or email. We can work with you to sell your property here in the Marbella area. And we are ready to take this great opportunity to start your search for your dream Marbella home.

It’s important to remain positive during this dreadful crisis. During difficult times your dreams and aspirations are vital to your well-being. Many people will be picturing themselves in Marbella whilst quarantined. Even better some will be dreaming of buying their own home here in Marbella area.

Villa for sale in La Zagaleta

Airlines are experiencing very high search volumes for future flights out to Spain*.  Year on year searches for flights to Spain in January 2021 were up a staggering 1626%

Marbella’s lifestyle with year round warmth and abundant sunlight is a natural high. Us Marbella residents are no different to those in the global lock downs at the moment. We are all looking forward to getting full access back to our Marbella paradise soon.

Come and join us in Marbella with a home from Luxury Villa Sales

For those looking to buy a Marbella home soon we recommend getting in touch now. Make the most of this lock down period while we all have time. Why?

  • The current high increase in searches for flights to Spain indicates we will be busy post crisis*.
  • There is also an anticipated imminent rush for Spanish property from British buyers. There are very significant benefits for Brits if they buy during Brexit Transition. This is currently set end on 31st December 2020.
  • Improve your well/being with a feeling of achievement from this dark period. You have made a positive start to achieving a lifelong dream.
  • Spend the rest of your lock down with your mind full of sunny happy images. Picturing you and your loved ones on the beach, enjoying poolside BBQ’s, out in Marbella for tapas, etc.

Search for your Marbella dream home during the Covid-19 lock down

It would be prudent to start your search now. What is stopping you?

Here at Marbella Luxury Villa Sales we are not a hard sell agency. If we can help you great! If you change your mind – no problems.

Get to know us at Marbella Luxury Villa Sales

We love to help – take a look at some of the Luxury Villa Sales customer reviews to see how we work.   Get to know us – Read a little more about the Luxury Villa Sales team.

Luxury Villa sales apartments and villas for all budgets

Over the telephone and via video conferencing we can meet you and get to know your desires. We can offer advice and answer any questions you may have.

We can explain the buying process and applicable taxes to help you set a budget.

We can explain finance and mortgage options. If desired, and at a relevant point, we can put you in touch with trusted experts.

We will send you some spectacular properties which will meet your needs. Beautiful homes to discuss with friends and family (at a safe distance). A great start on your journey to achieve your dream purchase.

Now is a great time, an opportunity, to spend some quality time on achieving one of your biggest dreams! Time to concentrate on improving your quality of life!

Contact Marbella Luxury Villa Sales any time via phone (+34) 952 77 44 33 or email.

Marbella Luxury Vila SalesTeam

* Source – UK Daily Mail national newspaper from the statistics of digital travel marketing solutions firm Sojern.

Marbella Life – After coronavirus coming soon!

Do you need some Marbella Life?  Is the coronavirus situation getting you down?  Maybe you can’t see an end to it.  Maybe you are sat in a cold climate, with pouring rain or snow.  And maybe the dark nights are making things seem even worse!

marbella life pools

Coronavirus in Marbella

Here in Marbella, compared to our usual heaven on earth, it’s a testing time.  We are going through a very strictly enforced lockdown which is imprisoning us in our homes.  Yet still we feel like we are temporarily locked in paradise.  We can get out into our gardens and onto our terraces in the bright warm sunshine, breath in the fresh sea air, and take in the spectacular views.  This is good but it’s not the fantastic we are used too!  Here is a short article on the current feelings of optimism here in Marbella.

Our Marbella paradise will be back soon

Living through the Corina Virus has quickly confirmed how great life here in Marbella is! It’s a little over a week since Marbella life was temporarily put on hold. We have been wisely told to stay indoors. Stay home to give the Spanish health service its best chance of coping with the situation. The lock down is being well enforced to ensure it is as short as possible. And we are all looking forward to regaining our Marbella freedom in a few short weeks.

Then our Marbella life will be back to its best.

Marbella Life – Living the dream!

We will be enjoying breakfasts on our terraces with Mediterranean Sea views.   Taking in the fresh air and the spectacular surrounding mountain views.  Or taking a walk besides the Mediterranean.  Enjoying a coffee in one of the many great beach side bars and restaurants.

Hiking in the mountains, Yoga or Pilates on the beach, swimming in the pools and sea.

Others are looking forward to enjoying the scenic local mountain roads.  Using their sports cars, bikes and motorcycles on the quiet well surfaced roads.


Those who prefer to be on the water are looking forward to their favourite pastimes. The end of this crisis should be perfectly timed for fun on the sea. Be it motor yachting at sunset, sailing or kayaking.  Or paddle boarding, wind and kite surfing, swimming and snorkelling.  All on the beautiful Marbella waters.

Our kids can’t wait to get their Marbella life back.  They will be out on their bikes, frolicking in the water parks and having a great time on the fine sandy beaches.

Families are looking forward to enjoying barbeques with friends.  Warm summer evenings spent socialising around their pools.

We will soon again be enjoying drinks at sunset on the beaches with live music.  Relaxing meals on the terraces of the superb restaurants and lively nights in the bars and clubs. Our Marbella life cannot come back fast enough.

marbella life dining out

We will soon be back to enjoying day trips and weekends to our favourite local places. The beautiful white washed villages of Mijas and Ronda. The historic local towns of Granada, Cordoba, Jerez, Sevilla and Cadiz.  Amazing places to enjoy great local tapas and fine wines al fresco.

Here in Marbella we can all see a great end to the current situation.  And it’s just around the corner under bright blue warm sunny skies.

Come and buy a home in Marbella with us

Would you not prefer to be reading this article about where you own a home.  Your home in Marbella.  We’d like to help you join us here enjoying the Marbella life.  There are enough great things here on the coast to share.

Does Marbella life sound like the type of quality lifestyle you are craving? Has the current situation been the catalyst you have been waiting for? Contact Luxury Villa Sales on (+34) 952 77 44 33 and together we can start your search.  Now is the time to live the dream.

Read this light hearted article about how a move to Marbella may change your outlook on life.

Coronavirus – what is important in your life?

A message from our Marketing Manager in these potentially challenging times.

The current coronavirus is no doubt affecting you and your loved ones. It’s affecting the whole world. It has come out of nowhere and spread globally in a matter of months.

When a life-affecting event like this occurs it gives us cause to examine what is most important to us. Most of us are thinking about vulnerable family and friends. Here at Luxury Villa Sales; I am no different and have concerns for those close to me, my family, friends, and Luxury Villa Sales colleagues.

In Spain, things are currently looking quite isolating. But temperatures in parts of Spain were in the 30’s last week. Here in Marbella, it was over 25c several days. Our year-round healthy outdoor lifestyle is improving even more in the coming weeks. We have strong leadership and decisive actions were taken this week which should improve matters soon.

Marbella Lifestyle

Marbella Life Style

In these unusual situations it is most important to keep a positive mind.  We are looking forward to getting our slice of paradise back. Quality of life is a top priority for most people in the Marbella area.

Corona reminds us how precious life is and how it can change in an instant. Therefore it’s essential to look at the bright side of life. To truly enjoy and appreciate the little things of life every day.

Lately, you have expressed an interest in properties here in Marbella. Maybe the coronavirus impact has made you realize that finding a home here is on your list of priorities. Making moves to improve your quality of life, and that of those around you has never been more important.

In any case, you are most welcome to ask me any questions that you may have about properties in the Marbella area right now. We could improve your lifestyle together.

Make a beautiful day.

Best regards





Carin Astrup
Marketing Manager

La Cancelada Apartments

Your new home near Marbella

Opportunity to buy one of 69 new superb luxury 2 and 3 bedroom la Cancelada apartments. Superb location only 1 kilometre from the Mediterranean sea on the New Golden Mile. These La Cancelada apartments are perfect for a healthy lifestyle. Making the most of the Mediterranean climate and outdoor living.

Apartment in La Cancelada

Owners can enjoy breakfast on their terraces looking out over the Mediterranean. Then take a swim or work out in the gym. This benefit is available all year round. The resort has both indoor and outdoor communal pools. Or for a more relaxing time go to the communal club house to meet others and enjoy the bar and spa.

la cancelada new property

These high quality apartments are being built in a great location in la Cancelada. They are 10 minutes walk to the beach. Further afield it is 15 – 20 minutes drive to Puerto Banus, Estepona and Marbella.

La Cancelada Suites

The great modern designs ensure ample natural lighting. These La Cancelada apartments have a host of high quality features including:

  • Air conditioning throughout with heat pump to allow heating and cooling. Climate controlled with an automated system of motorized outlet grilles.
  • Aero-thermal system installed for domestic hot water
  • Under-floor heating throughout the apartment.
  • Video answerphone with call-reception and colour screen.
  • Home-automation system which controls the window blinds and lighting systems.
  • Fitted modern kitchen equipped with all appliances.
  • Two of the penthouses are available with private plunge pool on the terrace.

La Cancelada penthouse with pool

The apartment’s orientations give both ample natural lighting and great sea views.

These 69 La Cancelada apartments are set out in 7 beautiful blocks. The urbanisation has plenty of green spaces with extensive landscaped gardens.

La Cancelada is part of an prestigious area known as the new Golden Mile. It is 20 km (20 minute drive*) west from the old town centre of Marbella. Estepona old town centre is 14 km (15 minutes drive*) to the east.

If you love the area but prefer a villa take a look at these new La Cancelada villas.

If you’d like to take a look at an Marbella area properties please contact Luxury Villa Sales on (+34) 952 77 44 33).

* Source – Google Maps

Life in Marbella – how it changes you!

Life in Marbella

A new life in Marbella – how good does that sound?  For many, and most of those living in cooler climates, buying a home in Marbella is a lifetime dream. Why wouldn’t you want to live all year round in a famous resort. A place that millions of people dream of visiting for two weeks holiday each year.

Imagine being on holiday 52 weeks of the year! Believe me it still feels like this after over 15 years here on the Costa del Sol. But once you live here you do need to adjust to life in Marbella.

Living in Marbella

The differences between living in Marbella and holidaying in Marbella

Here are a few light hearted observations on adjusting to a new life in Marbella. Given from my perspective after having moved to Marbella from the UK over 15 years ago.

  • Let’s dine out in Marbella this evening! When you first arrive to live here you feel like you are on holiday. So many greats restaurants and different foods to try. But you need to quickly get to grips with the fact that you live here. Dining out 5* every night for two weeks is a lot easier on your wallet and your waistline than doing it 365 days a year! Get a Personal Trainer!
  • What brilliant weather – It’s been a great day let’s have a drink! When I lived in the UK the whole country seemed to celebrate a warm sunny summers day. Opening a bottle of wine, several cold beers or bottles of champagne/cava. Sunny warm days in the UK did not happen often! If you do this here in Marbella you will be celebrating 320 days each year! It takes a few months to realise this!
  • September 1st – Brilliant! Your favourite time of year becomes September. After a lifetime of dreading September and the oncoming cold dark wet winter months now I relish it. The hot summer and the summer crowds are behind you and you are looking forward to a great warm winter. Now’s the best time for hiking, biking, horse riding, tennis, golf, etc!
  • It is raining – Brilliant! You get excited when it rains! Your friends from ‘back home’ will continue to post videos and photos each time they have a sunny barbeque. You will now find yourself taking photos and videos of when it rains! Especially true with the first rains of the winter. Having not seen rain for 4 or 5 months you will find yourself running out onto your terrace like an idiot in the rain. Enjoying the sensation of rain falling on you. As exciting and great as this feels the excitement tends to last less than 5 minutes. Then you remember why you moved to a warm dry climate!
  • I’ll sit in the shade. You lose the need to sit in the sun every possible minute! When the sun is available 320 days a year you no longer have the need to be in it all the time. When you take your many visitors to the beaches and restaurants you will volunteer to sit in the shade! You can have too much of a good thing.
  • Heyyyy – how are you? We love Marbella. It will amaze you how popular you are back ‘home’, well in your old home. Some surprisingly not very close friends may get in touch with messages along the lines of “I hear you have moved to Marbella, it’s an area we have always wanted to visit!”. Manage these hints well! Replies along the lines of “It would be great to catch up for a drink if you come over – the nearest hotel to us is…..”. Close friends you may have feared losing will not take much encouraging to come and visit you.
  • Chill out man. Your stress levels will drop, may be after a few rises! It will take you a little while to understand the famous ‘mañana’ Spanish lifestyle. At first you will fight it and it will frustrate you. When I first moved here I though mañana meant tomorrow. Then after a few years I understood it to mean ‘some time in the future’. Now I have it mastered – it means ‘not now’! Accept that things move slowly here in Spain and enjoy the benefits of this way of life. It’s not for nothing the Spanish have very long life expectancies.
  • You will get used to the driving! After a few years here I watched a TV news clip from the UK about new traffic laws. It showed about 10 offences which were now punishable with driving licence points. I was used to Spain and I could see nothing wrong with any of them! You soon realise roundabouts are actually great meeting and socialising places. ‘Hazard indicators’ here are usually ‘Do what you want lights’. If you have your hazard lights on it seems you can double park. Or drive the wrong way up a one way, stop to talk to friends in cars coming the other way, etc!
  • Party Party! You will learn about and enjoy a host of crazy new celebrations. The Virgin del Carmen with the huge heavy effigies of the Virgin del Carmen carried into the surf. Noche de San Juan, the huge beach parties where you jump over open beach fires and bath in the sea at midnight. Semana Santa’s huge religious parades. The Three Kings parades with the kings throwing sweets into the eager crowds. And the king of them all the Feria. About a week of partying until about 7am. With loud music, dancing, fun fairs and horses riding through the towns. The Spanish really know how to enjoy themselves. Join in and have fun.
  • I’ll book a table for dinner at 10:30 pm. Things happen a little later for a good reason. This climate tends to ensure thing happen later in the day due to the heat. Going to beach in mid summer at about 17:00 is a lot more pleasant than going at mid day! The Spanish know best! Same with dining, peak times for dining at lunch is about 14:00 and dinner is about 21:00. Ordering dinner in a Spanish restaurant before 19:00 will usually result in laughter!
  • We’ll head out with the kids at 10:00 pm. The Spanish love socialising like no others! Finding nightlife and food in Spain at midnight is no problem. Especially in the summer months. The plazas will be buzzing with all ages, from babies up to elderly relatives’ way past midnight. Family is king here. Don’t worry about taking young children to a bar or restaurant. They will usually receive more attention from the staff than you!
  • You really want to sit outside – it’s only 15c! You will become ‘soft’ to cool temperatures. After a few years living here you get used to the heat. When you have visitors you will be horrified that they want to sit and drink outside on an evening in December. On the plus side they may be sweltering while you are comfortable outdoors in the summer months!

Ready for your new life in Marbella?

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