Virtual Marbella property viewings

Find your dream Spanish home during lock down

It may be time for some virtual Marbella property viewings.  Are you currently in lock down dreaming of a Marbella area property to help you stay positive. Your mental escape to a sunny climate and barbecues by your pool on warm evenings. Or are you picturing yourself on warm sunny winter walks by the Mediterranean? Or would you prefer sailing and snorkeling? Or sunbathing on your terraces while looking out to sea this November with a glass of fine wine in hand!

Take advantage of the free time you currently have for some virtual Marbella property viewings

Let’s discuss your dream Marbella home and how you can make it happen.

Marbellas Property Virtual ToursWe can´t currently meet in person and whisk you to see your dream home. But we can give you an excellent personal ‘virtual’ Luxury Villa Sales tour experience. Developers are also making it easier for buyers to reserve properties. Agreeing on sales without obligation and adding tempting extras to further improve sales.  We all want to make it easy for you to make your decision during this lockdown period.

Using the latest video conferencing tools like WhatsApp and Zoom we can meet and get to know your needs.  We can discuss these in detail ‘virtually’ face to face. Contributing with our in-depth knowledge of the best properties on sale at the moment. And of course our Marbella area wisdom.

The ideal home for you will depend on your desired lifestyle.

Once we have gotten to know each other well, we can send through some great properties for you to consider. We can then discuss these using video conferencing to explain the pros and cons of each home. Comparing each to your individual property and lifestyle needs.

Virtual Marbella Property Viewings – let’s ‘visit’ you dream Marbella home together*!

Now’s the time for some virtual Marbella property viewings.  Once you have chosen your favorites we’ll carry out personal viewings*. We will record a personal video for you whilst chatting with you.

Take a look at the start of this example video, produced for Steve:

Tell us what you want us to see during the viewing. If you want to:

  • take a look in the wardrobes
  • look at the neighborhood
  • see the size of the garage
  • etc. – ask and we will delve into where you want to go with the video camera.

This will help you in deciding if this property is your dream home or not. Better than a real viewing you will have the videos to compare properties. Review and compare homes as many times as you wish while you consider your choices.

Want a second virtual viewing – No problem*. Let us know and we can go along ‘with you’ again.

Special deals to reserve without risk during the lock down

Ready to make a deal but you’d still like to see and touch the property first? Again no problem. In these unique times vendors are making special provisions for deals. Many new properties are allowing buyers to place refundable deposit. With no questions asked back out options and full refunds whilst we are in the lock down situation.

This is not quite so straight forward with resales properties. This said many owners will be open to us negotiating a similar deal on your behalf.

Contact Luxury Villa Sales

Please contact Luxury Villa Sales on (+34) 952 77 44 33 and we can start to make your sunny Marbella home dream a reality.

* – where possible, legal and without risking the health of others under the current lock down.

Why not enjoy a virtual viewing of your Dream Marbella home?

Here at Luxury Villa Sales we are always making the best use of today’s technology. Virtual Marbella property viewings are allowing us to continue our business.  Selling Marbella’s finest properties.

We are still signing deals during this crisis. Developers are also making it easier for buyers to reserve properties. Agreeing sales without obligation and adding tempting extras to further improve sales.

Post lock down Marbella is coming soon!